We are moving to Madrid! All orders placed after April 18th will be shipped the week of April 29th.
Our prints are unique and are designed with love and care in our studio in Barcelona. Our fresh, personal, intuitive, timeless designs are distinctive and unmistakeable. We combine classic and contemporary, tradition and avant-garde to convey spontaneity and elegance.

Inspiration comes from everything we experience on a daily basis, from our travels, readings, etc. and goes hand in hand with research. We collect all these moments and materials throughout the year, and then we start designing.

Decorate your home with our prints to give it character and personality. Discover your own adventurous, colourful spirit!
Our ceramic pieces are the result of a long, complex and creative artisan process carried out manually by our craftsmen. From the collection of the earth to obtain the clay, to the exit from the kiln, in the second firing, where we obtain the final product. The hands of our artisans mould the clay into the desired shape, and later each piece is decorated and painted freehand, one by one, resulting in a unique product of unequalled quality.

We work with families of artisans who have inherited from generation to generation the use of the technique and the practice of this manual and artisan process, being able to turn the clay into a work of art with their own hands and making each of our pieces very special and authentic.
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