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Many years ago, this project was nothing but a vague, rudderless idea. I’d always wanted to create something, but first I had to get an education and work experience.

I studied in London and Milan and worked for different fashion firms in both cities and in Spain. After several years, having settled in my hometown of Barcelona, I lost three of the most important people in my life in quick succession, and those losses made me realise that it was finally time to do what I had always dreamt of doing: create my personal and professional life project.

Those three people, my father, my grandmother María Luz and my grandmother Núria, are still giving me strength and support wherever they are, accompanying me on this wonderful journey. They are my true inspiration, in every sense of the word. This project is by and for them. Without them, ACTOS wouldn’t exist.

Thanks to all of you who are following me on this adventure.

The home is the scene of life. This domestic space is where our private and social lives unfold, where we feel free and comfortable. Our homes represent and define us.

ACTOS views every home as a theatre, a stage where thrilling stories are enacted: Elena’s father and grandmothers are the directors, instructors and sources of inspiration, and we are the actors who bring this unique play to life.

“Our day-to-day actions represent and define us as individuals. The sum of all those life acts makes us who we are.”
ACTOS is the perfect balance of classical and contemporary, a fifty-fifty blend of tradition and avant-garde. It is the certainty that, in a house where timeless craftsmanship, art and design are valued, every nook and cranny contains infinite sensations.

Each piece is created out of love for doing things well, with meticulous attention to detail and quality, always prioritising what we believe are the truly essential things: being, living, loving, giving and creating.

“Embrace the pause, cherish the everyday moments and reconnect with your home to create lasting memories.”
The table is where families share their daily routines, where friends and relatives gather to chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company, where major decisions are made and the most important events are celebrated.

Delicious food or pleasant company may make people want to linger over a meal, but we believe a well-laid table, with thoughtful details that make them feel relaxed and at ease, can also be a decisive factor.

“…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
At ACTOS, we think anything can be mixed, and that there are no rules on how to do it.

Everything goes with everything. Style is a silent expression of your personality, so don’t hesitate to use what makes you feel good: mix different prints and textures, create unexpected colour combinations…

Don’t be afraid, because everything doesn’t have to be perfect—in fact, imperfection is preferable.

Play, experiment and have fun!
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